Live yoga classes are back from July 1!

Dear all students,

On the 1st of July 2020 we might be finally allowed to have LIVE yoga classes again at the studio. We are quite excited and busy at the wheel of yoga studio, sanitizing and implementing safety protocols to protect our students and ourselves as teachers/therapists.

This has been a very educative time for all of us, we have all learned a bit more about ourselves and our priorities in life.

We would like to invite you on Sun 14/6 for a Chair Ayuryoga workshop in the Amstel park to greet the summer season live and in the open air together. We’ll start with a warming up walk in the woods which will take us to the yoga practice space and we will complete the workshop with a lovely picnic together. If you want to join please book here…

About the reopening of LIVE yoga classes at the wheel of yoga studio on 1/7:

We’ll soon come back sharing the same space at the studio, but with many more restrictions unfortunately…

We still do not know about specific no. of students restrictions, but in order to keep the required distance, we expect not to be able to host more than 6 people x class. This is to be confirmed. It will unfortunately have a financial impact and will require your booking for the class that you want to follow, as a pre-requisite.

You will need to take your own yoga mat and a towel (or more), which you will be able to use, to cover blankets/bolsters at the studio, to prevent direct contact with props. We’re trying to avoid masks but if you want to wear one, this is up to you of course.

From 1/7 till 15/7 there will be at least on LIVE class per day at the wheel of yoga studio. In some days there will be two. This is because we want to make sure that we get the chance to see you all as soon as possible and in person.

We are very happy to inform you that the online yoga program will continue in parallel to LIVE classes though. 

From 16/7 till 16/8 the LIVE program will be off, the studio closes in this period, to give us the chance to visit our families abroad. The online yoga program will continue though (streaming from Italy during this period) so we’ll be in touch either LIVE or online during the whole summer time.

On 17/8 the studio will open LIVE sessions again as the online yoga program continues.

We’ll publish soon the LIVE yoga classes program starting from 1/7/20.

P.S. As the studio is in a financial struggle due to the corona virus crisis, we would appreciate if you would like to support us by purchasing subscription packages for our programs.

Ayurveda treatments (massages/consultations) are also available upon booking as well as private coaching sessions. Any help you can provide it will be greatly appreciated, as we struggle to maintain the studio open at least till end of this year.

Many thanks in advance for your support so far and looking forward to sharing the same physical space with you,

Cristina & the wheel of yoga team

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