Dear all Yoga and Ayurveda students,

Finally time to meet each other again in person in the studio.

The studio reopens this Saturday 5/6/2021 with a live yoga class for 6 people from 11:30 till 13:00. 

Please book yourself in via Eversports or the wheel of yoga site. Classes will be from now on, hybrid, meaning that online will always be available also for live classes.

In the week there will now be 3 live & online 90 mins yoga classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, this at least till mid July, then the summer rooster will kick in. The 2 online 60 mins morning yoga classes on Monday and Friday will continue as always.

We have all missed our live yoga practice but, for most of us, this time has also been very useful, to reflect on what are the reasons that ultimately bring us to the studio to take yoga classes together. 

We have been living so fast in the last years before the pandemia that we had lost the time to “reflect” on actions we that we finally decided to take or not. At times the yoga class was just another thing ‘to tick off’ from the daily list of things to do, to feel at peace with our conscience.


But this is not yoga, this is physical exercise, which has its great benefits, although not even close  to the wonderful gifts that the practice of yoga can entrust on us when we completely and fully engage in it, surrounded by people with the same intention.

As you may know this is called Sangha, the community of people devoted to the spiritual search. 

What is the spiritual search? It is the exploration of your own inner self, your essence, your inner seed of divinity, it is the willingness to get to closer to your nature and to drop all fears and transform the fear energy into something positive that can be employed for evolution.

Energy multiplies as we are together, “dedicated”, in whatever we do, with communal intention, and I believe that this concept is maybe now a bit more “tangible”, after the pandemia experience.

I have also truly enjoyed mentoring the ones who followed online yoga classes in the last year. I have seen great progress in the understanding of yoga as a discipline, a science, as your personal research. Then some of you decided to take live private mentoring, a great opportunity to face your inner self through the practice, to face your fears, your limitations today and get them allied, with the help of props and with the undivided attention of your teacher.

To conclude I appreciate and feel very grateful to you all for the support we granted to each other in this year of pandemia. I feel that together, our community has grown, maybe not in numbers, but definitely in quality.

I look forward to seeing you all again live now in the studio. Stay tuned and see you soon.



Cristina & the wheel of yoga