How to support yourself during this challenging time

Dear all Yoga & Ayurveda students, welcome to the new wheel of yoga site. The website launch now, in this very time, is one of the few ways to keep in touch with each other.

While we are all together living in this worldwide epidemic and we see the world that we know going into a slow, at times quite scary, “freeze”;  Nature with springtime, is giving us the support and warmth feeling that life is changing and that it will be good again, although very likely, quite different.  

This is for all of us “the” opportunity to bring balance in our personal lives as well as in what surrounds us.

In the old Ayurvedic text it is said that world-wide epidemics give the opportunity to learn how to be in the here and now.

This is a period to go within, observe what is there, not being afraid to face the emptiness and deep silence inside. This, according to the Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy, is the required state to ignite personal transformation. Accept change as a way to let go of what is not necessary anymore. Make space physically, emotionally. Once space is made, keep observing within and, without judging, follow your intuition. Trust yourself, keep up with your practices: our Zoom livestream program is there to support you with 8 yoga classes per week. Learn your home practice so that as gifts out of this challenging period, we will not only have maintained and improved our health, we will have also learned how to face the Inner Self and familiarized with It, at home, in your own nest, at your own time.

May this moment be, for all of us, like the time that it takes for a new seed to sprout & germinate into a new form. When we practice Yoga & Ayurveda we prepare the soil for this process to take place.

A couple of tips for your own home Yoga practice:

Do 7 rounds of Surya Namaskar, maximum of 12 rounds. We do 7 rounds because there are seven Dhātus (bodily tissues), then do Savasana for 5 to 10 mins. 

You can perform simple Pranayama (breathing exercises) in Savasana. You learn them in the Zoom Livestream Yoga classes.

Sit regularly  for a few mins, with your back to the wall with crossed legs and, supporting your back straight up, perform a little Pranayama to access a meditative state of mind. Let your thoughts be like clouds in the blue sky, do not attach yourself to any of them, just observe them and let them go, no judgement. Drop polarities (good/bad etc) and see what lies behind.

There, is where you meet yourself, and there, is where we meet together during the Yoga classes. 

I want to give to all of you all my gratitude for supporting the wheel of yoga in these difficult times and for allowing me to virtually come to your home and practice Yoga together.


Cristina & the wheel of yoga team

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  1. Thank you so much for your endurance, support and inspiration online and in these lines… in these challenging times!
    Best wishes for you too,
    and see you again soon- on zoom 🙂
    really good to keep on practicin at home like this and qith your guidance!

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